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Volume 22, Number 3

Editor's Perspective
Children’s Safety, Environment and You
Jack Wolfsdorf, MD, Editor-in-Chief

Pediatric News of Interest

Clinical Research
Prevalence and Severity of Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, and Eczema Symptoms in 13- to 14-Year-Old Children in Yazd, Iran

Mehran Karimi, MD; Mohsen Mirzaei, MD, MPH; Mohammad hossein Ahmadieh, MS


Clinical Practice
Perspectives for the Pediatrician: Creating a Culture of Safety
Keith Meyer, MD, FAAP
Biostatistics: a search for “real difference” versus “by chance alone”
Dan Torbati, Ph.D.
Orbital and Multiple Brain Abscesses Secondary to Pseudomonas aeruginosa Sepsis in a Neonate
Ender Ödemis, MD; Hidayet Erdöl, MD; Ali Ahmetoglu, MD; Elif Dogus, MD; Fatma Müjgan Sönmez, MD

CME Article

Urinary Tract Infection in Different Pediatric Age Groups: An Overview of Diagnosis, Investigation, Management and Outcome

Iradj Amirlak, MD, FAAP; Bardia Amirlak, MD
Practical Biology
Status Epilepticus in Pediatric Practice

Balagangadhar R. Totapally, MD, MRCP, FAAP, FCCP; Helen Lee, Pharm D; Sayed Naqvi, MD; Keith Meyer, MD;                                         Andre Raszynski, MD, FAAP, FCCM

Surgical Spots
Steven Stylianos

Public Health Perspectives
The Periodontal Destruction Among Children With Diabetes
Evelyn P. Davila, MPH
Childhood ADHD and Exposures to Environmental Toxicants
Brenda Luna, MPH
Are weight-related concerns predictors for smoking among young children?

Evelyn P. Davila, MPH
School-Based Physical Activity and Children’s Academic Performance
Brenda Luna, MPH
Evidence-Based Medicine

Acute Otitis Media: Ampicillins or Ceftriaxone?

Adrian Cheung, BSc, Ran D. Goldman, MD

Adolescent Medicine
Excess Energy Intake During Consumption of Fast Food

Lorena M. Siqueira, MD
Risk Management

Why Medically Defensible Claims Get Settled

Cliff Rapp, LHRM
Letter From South America (Available in Spanish)
HIV/AIDS Infection in Latin America
Jaime Rodriguez-Torres, MD
Infectious Disease Corner
Septic Arthritis
Pablo M. Laufer, MD
Editorial Briefs and Pearls
Jack Wolfsdorf, MD, Editor-in-Chief



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