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International Pediatrics 2000: The Mission, Vision, and Value

Fima Lifshitz, MD

Dr. Oscar Papazian visited me soon after my arrival at Miami Children’s Hospital (MCH) last year. He wanted to offer me an official welcome to the institution and requested the necessary information to write an editorial for International Pediatrics (IP) welcoming me as the new Chief of Staff. The editorial, for which I am ever grateful, appeared in IP early last year.1 He advised me of his plans for the journal and his desire to relinquish the Editor-in-Chief responsibilities which he had for 10 years, beyond an additional 2 years as Associate Editor. The Festschrift written on behalf of Dr. Papazian by Dr. Robert Cullen, Jr. in 19902 describes the career and personal attributes of the man I have come to know well, however, it does not come close to giving recognition to his editorial capabilities, dedication, and hard work which kept IP alive during his tenure. We must commend his persuasiveness and diplomacy skills used to elicit the support and cooperation of his associates and staff which enabled the establishment of the journal and brought it to a respectable level throughout the continent, reaching a large number of pediatricians who relish and seek it as a primary source of knowledge. For this task, he elicited the financial support of MCH and the MCH Foundation, and enlisted the talent of countless associates and contributing editors. He also had a well-trained, dedicated staff including Sandy Allen, Editor/Production Coordinator, and Roberto Perez, Editorial Assistant. Fortunately for me and for the continuity of the journal, they will all remain involved with the journal with new tasks and new roles, helping to bring IP into the 21st Century.

There is a big challenge ahead and I foresee multiple changes in the Journal, both in format and in content. International Pediatrics must attain recognition in the scientific community and establish a reputation equal to the highest level of peer review publications. This is not an easy goal to attain. There are already many excellent journals in the field of Pediatrics, among which IP has a good track record and a large readership in this hemisphere. The strength of MCH staff is considerable, constituting a tremendous clinical resource, which is what must be captured and capitalized on for its future success. In this first issue under my leadership, we have a new series of Clinical Articles of interest to pediatricians. These short easy-to-read papers will hopefully spark the interest of our subscribers and stimulate the authors to continue to publish their findings in our journal. We also aim to bring forth review papers on current topics in contemporary pediatrics. Continuous medical education is an important ongoing activity in which both academic and practicing physicians mutually benefit, resulting in improved patient care. This can be achieved in many ways, but IP offers an easy enjoyable way to do so through a series of clinical and review articles. These will be designed to continually update the skills and knowledge of pediatricians through interdisciplinary methods in all fields relevant to children’s care.

International Pediatrics intends to provide both general pediatricians and subspecialists with a single source, state-of-the-art, practical reference. Each issue will present a complete review of some of the most recent developments in pediatrics. The articles will address rapidly evolving topics which will forge future attitudes necessary for diagnosis and treatment by the clinician.

International Pediatrics is evolving into an organ of high caliber which can compete with the other peer-review journals to attract original research papers of high quality. Until we reach that level, we will not publish scientific papers that do not meet the highest standards, rather we will excel in the clinical field with first rate clinical and review articles. To achieve these goals, we enlisted an active editorial board and section editors who will foster and encourage the publication of their individual and collective experiences. This vast resource available at MCH will be expanded to include nationally and internationally renowned physicians on IP’s editorial board. They will review and contribute articles, thereby sharing their talents and knowledge with our readers.

My position as Editor-in-Chief presents an exciting personal challenge. I have been amazed at the wealth of knowledge of everyone with whom I have come in contact since I assumed the responsibilities of Chief of Staff at MCH. Ralph Waldo Emerson said, "Knowledge exists to be imparted" and I do not believe there is a better medium to do so than IP. I am confident that the journal will move swiftly into the 21st century and will help us attain the Triumph of Discovery, a celebration of reading, enjoying, and learning from each of the articles published herein.


1. Papazian O. Salutation. Int Pediatr. 1999;12:3-4.
2. Cullen RF. Festschrift: Oscar Papazian, MD. Int Pediatr. 1990;5:79-80.

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