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International Pediatrics

Volume 15, Number 1, 2000

Table of Contents


An Update on the Surgical Classification of Brainstem Tumors
        Glenn Morrison

Volume 15-1 Abstracts

Review Articles

Neuroimaging of Phakomatoses
Nolan Altman

The Surgical Classification and Management
of Braintem Tumors in Children
John Ragheb, Fred J. Epstein

Juvenile Dermatomyositis: A Review
Geetha Chari, Teresita A. Laude

When to Start and When to Stop Anti-Epileptic
Drugs in Childhood Epilepsy

Peter & Carol Camfield

Special Section for Authors

Case Reports: Why, When, and How?
 Israel Alfonso

Clinical Articles

Current Diagnosis and Management of Appendicitis
in Children

Juan E. Sola, Whitney McBride, Juan Rachadell

Congenital Toxoplasmosis
M. Pataki, Z. Meszner, R. Todorova

A New Case of Interstitial 12q Deletion
Marta Gallego, Cristina Barreiro, Miriam Perez, Hugo Arroyo, Jorge Menehem

Persistent Müllerian Duct Syndrome
Alejandro Diaz, Adriana Carrillo, Mislen Bauer, Andrew Labie, Marco Danon

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